Suhair Atassi
Name: Suhair Atassi
Country: Syria
Status: Free

Suhair Atassi is a political activist who runs the Jamal Atassi Forum group on Facebook that's an extension of the banned Jamal Atassi Forum in Syria. The forum calls for political reforms in Syria and the reinstatement of civil rights and the cancellation of the emergency law that has suspended constitutional rights since 1963.

Goverment Relations:

Atassi has been threatened and harassed by Syrian security more than once and has been ordered to close the online group. She refuses to comply and is believed to be in danger of arrest at any time, and her personal ID card has been confiscated by state security forces. 

In 2011, when protesting peacefully in solidarity with Egypt in front of a police station in Old Damascus, Atassi and other protestors were beaten severely by 20 men, in plainclothes, but suspected to be police officers. She also said one of the officers threatened to kill her. When she attempted to file a police report, she was instead verbally abused and all the photos on her phone were deleted. 

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