Ahmed Maher
Name: Ahmed Maher
Country: Egypt
Status: Free
Blog: http://6april.org/english/

Ahmed Maher works as a civil engineer for a construction firm in New Cairo. He has been politically active for several years and has  volunteered for the El-Ghad Party. 

Goverment Relations:

Maher was arrested in 2006 during a sit-in alongside judges protesting state interference with the judiciary. In March 2008, Maher and friend Esraa Abd El Fattah launched a Facebook group to promote a day of civil disobedience, calling for workers to stay home in protest against low wages and soaring food prices, scheduled for April 6, 2008. The group quickly grew to more than 70,000 members, evolving into the April 6 youth movement. Following the protest, Maher began planning another demonstration, targeting the date May 4, 2008 - President Hosni Mubarak’s 80th birthday. In retaliation for his involvement in organizing these demonstrations, Maher was arrested on May 7, 2008 in New Cairo. According to Maher, he was stripped and beaten while detained. Upon providing the (fake) password to his Facebook account, he was released the following morning. Maher was again arrested and released in late July after speaking to local and international media about his detention and torture at the hands of state security.