Rami Nakhle
Name: Rami Nakhle (aka Malath Aumran)
Country: Syria
Status: Political Exile
Blog: http://twitter.com/#!/MalathAumran
Rami Nakhle is a 27 year old cyber-dissident. His use of social media to spread information about the Syrian Revolution caught the attention of Syrian authorities, causing him to flee to Lebanon in January 2011. For the past three years, he has been working under the pseudonym Malath Aumran. Although the Syrian secret police have discovered his real identity, he continues to use this pseudonym to retain recognition from his online followers.
Goverment Relations:
Last year, before he left his country, Nakhle was questioned numerous times by a Syrian secret police officer in Damascus. In April, Syrian security forces used Facebook to notify Nakhle that they were aware of his pseudonym and his wherabouts. Despite these threats from the Syrian government, Nakhle continues to work in hiding, continuing his campaign for freedom through Facebook, Twitter, and full-access interviews with prominent news sources like BBC and The New York Times.