Arab Spring Weekly Update

October 14, 2011
Most people around the world go to church on Sundays to pray in favor of other people in the world. In Iran, people go on Friday to pray, and on Fridays they chant death to most people in the world,” an Iranian Facebook user posted on his page this week.
بیشتر مردم دنیا یکشنبه ها میرن کلیسا,برای سلامتی مردم جهان دعا میکنن تو ایران مردم جمعه ها میرن نماز جمعه,برای بیشتر مردم دنیا آرزوی مرگ میکنن.

Despite the ousting of Mubarak, tyranny continues to plague the Egyptian people. On Sunday October 9th, approximately 26 Egyptian Coptic Christian protesters were killed by the Egyptian army. The demonstration took place in Maspero, which is located in downtown Cairo. Demonstrators called for equal rights in Egypt and condemned the recent attack on a church in Aswan. Many protesters were struck down by military vehicles and others were shot by the Egyptian army. Reports vary on the number of those injured, ranging from 150 to 300.

The Egyptian regime claims that the protesters provoked the army by firing shots first, citing unknown foreign hands as agents behind the incident. However, most of the protesters and opposition movement members have confirmed that none of the protesters used weapons.

Activists used YouTube in order to publish some of the information that was not aired on Egyptian TV.
Many expressed their concern regarding this matter on twitter:
Etchsadek H Sadek

نكرر و نقول تاني علشان احنا بننسى بسرعة.دي ماكنتشي احداث فتنة طائفية.دي مظاهرة سلمية لمصريين الجيش دبحهم في مذبحة لن تنسى#ontveg#Maspero

We easily forget something, that I have to repeat: what happened was a non-sectarian conflict, it was a peaceful protest by Egyptians who were slaughtered by the army.

Some Egyptians have blamed the previous regime for what is happening in Egypt.
amrmbadr Amr Badr

قالها لنا قبل رحيلة، "أنا أو الفوضي" لماذا إذن نبحث عن الجاني و هو أما أعيننا باعترافه. ‎#maspero‏ ‎#egypt‏ ‎#tahrir‏ ‎#jan25‏ ‎#scaf

He said it before he left {Mubarak}, either me or chaos.

octavianasr Octavia Nasr
Sad #Egypt RT @alaa: 17 dead in the Coptic hospital's morgue, almost all of them crushed under armored vehicles. This is the Army #Maspero
omarkamel Omar Kamel
One day after #Tantawi claimed #NoMilTrials for civilians - they're taking detainees from #Maspero to Military Prosecution. #Egypt
rateb_ Mahmoud Rateb

اللي دهس ١٧ مسيحي امبارح...بكره هيدهس الف مسلم.... ‎#SCAF‏ ‎#Maspero‏ ‎#Egypt‏ ‎#Cairo @Ontveg

.Those who ran over 17 Christians, will run over thousands of Muslims eventually


Navi Pallay, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, said the death toll in Syria has risen to over 3,000, including 187 children, and that “thousands have been arrested, detained, forcibly disappeared and tortured.” One father blamed China and Russia’s veto of a UN Security Council resolution to approve heavy sanctions on the Syrian regime for the bullet in his dead son’s chest (viewer discretion advised).

Reacting to President Bashar al-Assad’s stubborn refusal to accept political reforms, foreign ministers from the Arab League nations will meet on Sunday in Cairo to “look into what measures they can take against the Syrian regime,” Al Jazeera reported.  Still, not all of Syria is united in its hatred of the Assad regime. Tens of thousands of protesters gathered in Damascus on Friday to show support for President Assad.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia and Austria opened a joint interfaith center in Vienna on Thursday, which the Saudi foreign minister hopes will “help change his conservative Muslim country, which prohibits any religion except Islam,” the AP reported. This comes two days after Saudi authorities detained a Colombian soccer player for walking through a mall in a sleeveless shirt that revealed his religious tattoos, including one of Jesus.
Today, the Saudi government blocked the photo-sharing website Tumblr,  according to
@moniraism Monira AlQadiri.
#Tumblr has been blocked in #Saudi Arabia today. the message u get when accessing the site is hilarious.
"Sorry, the requested immoral blogging, mixed gender sharing, and excessive procrastination tool is unavailable." #Tumblr #Saudi #KSA #WTF


Tunisia hosted the 3rd Arab Bloggers Meeting last week, prompting one Sudanese blogger to write on the significance of this meeting for the Arab political dissidents.  


The UN Security Council is debating a resolution today to require President Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down in exchange for immunity from prosecution, amid a deteriorating security situation in Yemen. The Gulf Cooperation Council, composed of Saudi Arabia and five other middle eastern countries, has already asked Saleh to abdicate.
Saleh has refused, returning to Yemen after receiving medical treatment in Saudi Arabia following a failed assassination attempt. Saudi Arabia is eyeing widespread protests in Yemen, concerned that unrest will spill over its shared border, and that Saudi will not be able to handle the situation as it did with Bahrain.