Death Threats Against Moroccan Blogger

September 3, 2010
Moments ago, received word from a young Moroccan blogger that he was the target of several Facebook messages threatening his life.  The man who posted these death threats is named Abohodaifa Al-Ansari.
The pro-democracy Moroccan blogger, Kacem El Ghazzali, says in a post entitled “Death Threats”: “In the first message, the sender threatened slaughtering me like a sheep being slain!” 
The second message is titled "An appointment" and says "we shall meet at Elhajeb where your murder will take place!"
Elhajeb is a neighborhood close to Ghazzali’s home. The man threatening Ghazzali clearly knows where he lives.  
As indicated by a banner in his profile picture, Al Ansari is part of an organization called the Islamic Jihad Union. According to Ghazzali, “[on the banner] there is a verse from the Koran that incites for the killing of non-Muslims.” He explained: “The Islamic Jihad Union is an international terrorist organization that is active all over the world and has roots in Uzbekistan,” adding that they were responsible for bombings carried out in Tashkent and Bukhara in 2004.
It is all too typical in the Middle East that threats against pro-democracy bloggers come not only from autocratic regimes but also extremist elements in society.  Despite these threats, Kacem continues to blog and assured that this will not deter him in advancing the cause of freedom of expression.